Goddess GatherĀ 



What our Initiates have to say:

What I came away with was self love and a deeper connection to the Goddess within us all. I was ecstatic for weeks afterward and my family reaped the glory of that also.... It was gorgeous! It was a stepping stone on the path to loving myself that I've been able to call upon as a resource all year.
-km, attended 2005


The empowerment, and tools given in the workshops.... has given my life meaning and bliss. I (now) stand in my power. I know who am. I know why I'm here, and I know what my purpose is.
-Daoine Sidhe,
Has attended six years, registered for 2008


Each year I look forward to my time at Goddess Gather. In this empowering bouillabaisse of delicious women, I find new energy, learnings, healings and transformations for my soul. The teachers are wise and insightful. The workshops give me the guidance and practice I long for. I can hardly wait for the next one.
Francesca Gentille - Priestess, author, relationship coach;
has attended and presented five years, and is presenting 2008


In the course of three days I felt celebrated, worshipped, and most importantly embraced by many other women who were learning to embrace the divine in themselves. I watched as the gathering of strong, beautiful women became more powerful and more beautiful with each passing hour, all of us thriving on the epiphanies and nuggets of self-knowledge to be mined from workshops, dances, pujas and other gatherings throughout the weekend. Deep transformation took place in me, changes that even now ripple through my life....
Selene Steese - Word Shaman;
Attended 2005, attended Two as One 2006


Women! Here is an event for Goddesses that is worth going to! Goddess Gather is a delicious experience. The workshops are transformative, the rituals uplifting and deepening at the same time. It's a pampering event... great food, pool and jacuzzi. The wooded setting has white peacocks, rare ocelots, and flocks of unusual birds. Goddess Gather touched my inner most being, and I had fun in this magical setting. I enthusiastically recommend it!
Dakota Lim, Attended 2003

Goddess Gather was the turning point of my life. .... over the course of the weekend... as the critical voices in my mind finally stopped their constant chattering, I could hear the Goddess. And She had so much to say. Goddess Gather gave me the opportunity to stop to actually hear and listen. I found MY voice, a powerful voice. My life is richer, fuller and amazing. And it all started at Goddess Gather.
-Elaine M. Hirt, attended 2003



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